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Davenport Farms is a family-owned farm market, greenhouse, and wholesale vegetable farm located in Stone Ridge New York. Our family has been farming here since Isaiah Davenport moved across the Hudson River from Duchess County to Ulster in the 1840s, but our farmland was in agricultural use before the arrival of European settlers. A conservation easement that permanently protects our land assures that it will be in agricultural use in the future, as well. Our farm has been in our family for four generations. My great-grandfather and grandfather produced fresh market crops (tomatoes, corn, peppers, etc.) and storage crops (cabbage, potatoes and onions) for both the local markets and New York City. With the advent of refrigeration my father was able to specialize in sweet corn, the crop that seemed to grow the best in this valley. At one point, he grew over 1,000 acres of corn. At that time there were nearly 6,000 acres in the Rondout Valley planted in sweet corn, and ten large sweet corn operations shipping its products countrywide. There are still three large corn operations in the valley, and Rondout Valley corn is still considered by many to be the best money can buy. A member of our family can be found working in every phase of our farm and farm stand, from planting and harvesting, to managing the greenhouses, to selling at our roadside stand. Whether you're interested in wholesale vegetable orders, bedding plants, gourmet food items, or a good cup of coffee and a fresh-baked muffin, we have what you need.

Davenport Farms

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