Family owned & operated since 1994 The Farm at Miller’s Crossing is a beautiful 200-acre farm situated in the Hudson Valley of New York. The Agawamuck Creek divides the farm providing water for the animals and plants that are raised there. The old Albany-Boston Rail bed remains on the northwestern end of the property, providing the name Miller’s Crossing, which was the stop and original address of this 200 year old farm.

Though Chris and Katie run the business that does not mean that it is done without support of both of our families. Chris’ parents and 5 of his siblings live on the farm. The farm is about 200 acres and is protected by an easement from the Columbia Land Conservancy. Family members either live in homes already on the farm or are building within designated building zones. With such a large family around there is lots of help with deliveries and child care and general support in crunch times. Chris’ grandparents bought the farm in the 1950’s, which makes Chris and Katie’s four children the 4th generation on the farm. Chris & Katie are the 1st generation to make their living from farming.

We grow certified organic vegetables, plants and flowers; raise a small grass fed beef herd; and make maple syrup and maple products. The farm has 60 acres of vegetables within a 100-acre rotation, as well as 75 acres of pasture for our cows. Our greenhouse provides room to grow the farm’s transplants and bedding plants for sale. Our produce is marketed through member CSAs, the Hudson Farmers’ Market, and numerous wholesale accounts. Such diversified markets allow us to grow many different types of vegetables all season long

The Farm At Miller's Crossing

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